About Us

We are the premium supplier of 3d printing services to the many residents of Nottinghamshire. We are delighted to be based in the beautiful City of Nottingham and are very proud to be your local 3d printing service. Our design and 3d prototyping service has been developed over many years to reach an unparalleled level of service. We have a hugely talented team of 3d printers and designers. All of our staff regularly update their knowledge with all the latest developments in the 3d printing world. We know that this is massively important in order to deliver the best 3d printing services possible. Achieving excellent customer satisfaction is hugely important to us and our business. Providing you with the highest level of customer service is the best way of ensuring our future success. It will also allow us to provide the wonderful people of Nottingham with an outstanding and local 3d printing company for many years to come.